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Svakom Pulse Union

Svakom Pulse Union

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Pulse Union.

Experience Exquisite Ecstasy: Pulse Union by SVAKOM – A Journey into Unrivaled Deep Suction Pleasure!

Indulge in the depths of desire with Pulse Union's tantalizing suction, designed to awaken pleasure in the deepest recesses of your being. This remarkable creation offers 5 distinct suction modes, each tailored to take you on a journey from gentle arousal to the pinnacle of euphoria.

Step into a world of boundless possibilities with APP Control, seamlessly interfacing with the SVAKOM APP to grant you or your partner unprecedented control. Whether near or far, pleasure knows no boundaries as you surrender to the ecstasy, guided by the touch of a finger.

Let Pulse Union's LED indicator be your compass on this pleasure voyage, effortlessly navigating you to the perfect mode that ignites your passion. And with the innovative Memory Function, pick up right where you left off and dive into unbridled pleasure without missing a beat.

Travel becomes an intimate escape with Pulse Union's Travel Lock function, allowing you to take your desires on the go without a worry. Embrace spontaneity with the water-resistant design, featuring a magnetic charging port that ensures you're always ready for passion, be it on land or sea.

Elevate your pleasure journey to new heights with Pulse Union by SVAKOM. Unleash the power of suction and experience a symphony of satisfaction that resonates deep within. Your ultimate pleasure awaits – seize the moment and indulge in the sensation of a lifetime!

Product Name: Pulse Union
Material: Silicone
Size: 122*72.8*40.2mm
Weight: 115g
Battery: Polymer lithium battery
Battery Capacity: 800mAh
Charging Time: 3h
Battery Life: 4h
Suction Modes: 5 modes
Intensity Level: 5 levels
Water Repellency: Water-resistant

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