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Mine & Ours

Welcome to Mine & Ours.

Where pleasure for COUPLES knows no bounds!

At Mine & Ours, we understand that every relationship is unique and discovering new avenues of pleasure can be an exhilarating experience!

Mine & Ours is the ultimate destination for couples wanting to spice up your sex life, offering high-quality sex toys making magic happen in your nether regions with your partner!

Discover the pure pleasure and enjoyment that a sex toy can bring to your
relationship, Imagination and creativity play an important part when you and your partner are shopping for a sex toy – Mine & Ours will not only excite but please both you and your partner with our extensive collection of toys catering to every desire.

From Bluetooth Vibrators for your partner to have fun with you, to a strap on for you to have fun with your partner!

Let’s ignite the flames of passion and help you discover new levels of intimacy - your desire is our pleasure at Mine & Ours.

Contact Mine & Ours today or take a look through our online store for details on our offers.

We Don't Just Ship to JohannesburgCape Town & Durban we ship Nationwide Anywhere in South Africa!

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