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Fantasy Extreme Nipple Weights

Fantasy Extreme Nipple Weights

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Fantasy Extreme Nipple Weights.

Unveil a World of Exquisite Pleasure with Fantasy Extreme Nipple Weights: Your Path to Thrilling Sensation!

Embark on an intensified journey with Fantasy Extreme Nipple Weights. Crafted for heightened sensations, these heavy-duty weights offer indulgence that leaves your nipples perking with delight. Classic alligator-style clamps connect to round metal weights adorned with grooves, enhancing allure.

Progress by attaching weights for amplified pull, exploring new thresholds of pleasure as you 'train' your desires. Adjustable screws tailor pressure for comfort and delight, while soft rubber lining eases the pinch. With each play, your nipples become more adept at exquisite tension, a testament to your pleasure journey. Each weight, 35g, and fully assembled nipple clamp, 120g, redefine your experience. Elevate pleasure with Fantasy Extreme Nipple Weights and explore the world that awaits!

Each weight weighs 1.25 oz, each fully assembled nipple clamp weighs 4.25 oz.

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